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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Laniscat Fete

Some of the alpacas had a day out today as we took them along to the kermesse at Laniscat.

They behaved impeccably as usual and won a few more people over.It was a lovely setting and the sun shone most of the day. Jayne and Patsy were spinning and sold a few products,along with a couple of new recruits signed up for the spinning workshop.A few folk want to visit the farm to see more alpacas,and a day visit arranged for the mentally handicapped to spend some time with the animals.This would be the second time we have done this.The first was last year for the home at Cleguerec which they all seemed to enjoy.

Jayne was interviewed for the AIKB radio programme,and a nice lady with a very big camera asked me to pose alongside the alpacas just as I was eating lunch. I obliged and Da Vinci leaned over and stuck his nose into my tray.She took the shot and then informed me it was for the press. Now everyone will think alpacas eat chips!

Still no cria from Acoria who is now a week overdue. Sods law told me she would have it today as we were miles from home and we left Jake on 'alpaca watch' duty. Sensing our anxiety,he found it very amusing to text me every hour to say she still hasn't had it!

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