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Monday, August 3, 2009

Spinning Workshop

Guilty Spinners!

Anyone who has animals and in particular alpacas knows that a day off is exceptionally rare and something to be treasured. Such a day happened this week when Patsie and I welcomed once again our band of merry spinners to Quelvehin. I don't think we were the only ones that felt privileged with a day off. Judi managed to be released from alpacas and peacock duties and was able to indulge herself in, what is fastly becoming as much a passion for her as us. 'how lovely it is to be able to spin all day without feeling guilty' she said. Well she must have had a lot of guilty moments since the last time we met, as she had managed to spin 600grms of very nice soft grey which was destined for a lacy shawl. Judi's biggest problem now is, which fleece next and what to use it for - so many fleeces and so little time !!
Liz was also pleased to raise her head above the renovation dust for the day, although that was not something that she was able to do often and hence had not managed to achieve that much since her last visit - but hey at least her husband used the day to purchase a new deep freezer for them. I've never seen a woman get so excited at the sight of a freezer on the back of a car, jumping up and down, clapping her hands, when her husband drove into the yard to pick her up (or maybe it wasn't the freezer!).
But the gold star of the day had to go to our newcomer Beryl who had never sat at a wheel before. Now most of us go home from our first lesson feeling a little deflated and clutching something that resembles lumpy rope - not Beryl, after just 6 hours she had managed to spin a lovely consistent thin thread, that Judi and I reckoned represented for us, weeks of guilty practice, and the real worry is that, unlike most expats here, Beryl and her husband have finished their renovation project and she is in the fortunate position of having time on her hands - time to practice. The only thing that's holding her back is the lack of her own wheel (just a minor point), so if you've an old wheel for sale - do us a favour - don't tell Beryl - otherwise Patsie will be out of a job !!! - NEXT WORKSHOP - END OF SEPT

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