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Monday, August 3, 2009

No news is good news?

There's been no blog for a month and then,like buses two come along at once!

Truth is not much has happened 'alpaca wise'.Still busy trying to re-claim the land from the wilderness at the back of the house but it's hard going with so many rocks in the ground it's no fun trying to dig holes for fence posts. I've made another three gates for the inter-connecting area and they are all hung and done.The chickens had to be uprooted and moved back to their original compound.

Funny things,chickens, they waddle around for months within their fenced off area but when you try to catch them it becomes obvious they could fly over or through the fence any time they wanted.And that's exactly what they did. Managed to catch the two fat ones but the rest went awol for a few hours.One dirty stop-out came back two days later!

Did a few spit-offs this week,all positive,much to the dissapointment of Sophie and Natalie the two teenage girls staying with us from Lanarkshire who were hoping for a bit of alpacaporn.

Still, they enjoyed walking a few of the boys out instead.

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